Alle Frauen mit großen Hüten haben enttäuschte Männer hinter sich. Vor allem im Kino. (Klaus Hages)

„Alice Schwarzer“ (AT)

Research, preparation and shooting for our cinema documentary about Alice Schwarzer, the feminist and independent intellectual, who is in combat mode today, as she was then in Paris in the 1970s, the decade in which the second women’s movement was born, have started.

Award ceremony with mask and distance

Sabine Derflinger – Best director Cinema Documentary „Johanna Dohnal – Visionary of Feminsm“ at the very intimate award ceremony on Oct 28th in Graz. „Thank you for the award, I am honored!“

Twilight over Burma

We are excited to announce that Twilight over Bruma, directed by Sabine Derflinger and produced by DOR Film was screened at the International Filmfestival in Goa,  November 2016, after the film was banned in Thailand and Myanmar.
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