Passion for film

Shooting „Murder in Vienna“

The first episode of “Murder in Vienna – The last Bite” has been filmed. Caroline Frank as “Franziska Malzer” and August Wittgenstein as “Carl-Albrecht Nassau“ are the main protagonists of the film. (@ARD Degeto/Allegro Film/Anjeza Cikopano)

Bozen Krimi – TV Premiere

Two „Bozen Krimi“ celebrated their TV premieres on February 9th (“Weichende Erben) and February 16th (“Die Todsünde”) on ARD. (@ARD Degeto/Hans Joachim Pfeiffer)

Great Upper Austrian culture award

Sabine Derflinger received “Great upper Austrian culture award” in the category “film & video” from Upper Austria’s Governor Thomas Stelzer. (@State of Upper Austria/Peter Mayr)

Tatort – „Bauernsterben“

The shooting for the new Tatort episode „Bauernsterben“ is finished. The picture shows actress Adele Neuhauser and actor Harald Krassnitzer with a young pig on set.

High Spirits – TV premiere

We are happy to announce: The two-part TV movie “High Spirits“ will be shown on October 16th and 17th 2022 on ZDF. Here you can see the actresses Lilly Charlotte Dreesen, Désirée Nosbusch, Suzanne von Borsody and Leslie Malton. (© ZDF/Massimo Fabris)

Bozen Krimi

The shooting for episode 17 and 18 of „Der Bozen Krimi“ is finished. The picture shows Sabine Derflinger together with the two main actors Chiara Schoras and Gabriel Raab. (© ARD Degeto / Hans-Joachim Pfeiffer)


Austrian Film Award for „Die Dohnal“
Best Documentary
Best Editing
Many thanks to the Austrian Film Academy, we feel honoured and very happy!

Shooting of „High Spirits“

On set of „High Spirits“ (from left to right): Doris Zander, Lilly Charlotte Dreesen, Rainer Bock, Antonia Bill, Suzanne von Borsody, Sabine Derflinger, Désirée Nosbusch, Hannes Wegener, Leslie Malton, Hilmi Sözer (Image: ZDF/Massimo Fabris), 2-part-TV Film

„Alice Schwarzer“ (AT)

Research, preparation and shooting for our cinema documentary about Alice Schwarzer, the feminist and independent intellectual, who is in combat mode today, as she was then in Paris in the 1970s, the decade in which the second women’s movement was born, have started.

Award ceremony with mask and distance

Sabine Derflinger – Best director Cinema Documentary „Johanna Dohnal – Visionary of Feminsm“ at the very intimate award ceremony on Oct 28th in Graz. „Thank you for the award, I am honored!“

Sendetermine „Die Füchsin“ 4+5

Regie:           Sabine Derflinger
Kamera:        Eva Testor
Produzentin: Andrea Jedele
Buch:            Ralf Kinder

Universum History Upper Austria

Shooting is finished! Estimated broadcasting date: Oktober 2017. Stay tuned …

Director: Sabine Derflinger
: Eva Testor
Production company: E & A Film