ANNA F**KING MOLNAR (director Sabine Derflinger, written by Nina Proll and Ursula Wolschlager based on an idea of Nina Proll) is having its theatrical release in Austria on November 24th.

With Nina Proll, Gregor Bloéb, Murathan Muslu, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Nadeshda Brennicke and Robert Palfrader.

In the romantic comedy, developed by Witcraft, produced by Novotny & Novotny and Witcraft, coproduced by MR Film, an eccentric actress, Anna finds herself at rock bottom in her career and has to realize that life actually passed her by. The theater premier was a disaster on her account, her ex is already dating a new girl, and she has definitely exceeded the age where it’s okay to get dragged out of the mess by daddy. The house of cards she so carefully built seems more fragile than expected. 
Everything in Anna’s life begs for a new start to get her life back on track. But the 
only thing coming around at the moment is a firefighter, Christian.